let her sink

i am so grateful for the people in my life that i have found i am so lucky i am so close to finding a good balance and i am so so happy that i have all these good people to share it with and i am going to vomit good vibes everywhere as soon as i’m done with this paper and tomorrow and friday

just don’t thrive on being sad

myd00ds replied to your post “myd00ds replied to your post:also why is jimmy/steve back? who…”

Mickey was a huge character this season though!! i feel like there will be a lot with him and Ian next season because this season pointed in that direction (i mean there better be). was mostly annoyed at the lack of ian/unrealistic bipolar stuff

he was a huge character but it was like… very boring stuff? idk it was stuff that was only around to help other peoples story lines until the end when it got about ian being bipolar and god the scene where everyone was like “you have to hospitalize him” my heart broke but for real what about mandy why hasnt she had a decent story line/story at ALL. if they don’t talk about ian’s bipolarity next season i feel like i’m gonna be so done cause thats ridiculous they didn’t do it justice it was like a fucking footnote, like “oh yeah! here you go!”

also why are v and kev minor characters

also mandy??? mickey?? why havent mickey and ian gotten a proper couple scene like every other couple in the show?? why do the writers write more rape scenes than mickey and ian having loving consensual sex????????? why is the only black man in the show an abuser???? the show is set in the fucking south side of chicago where are the black people???? why are literally all of the younger female characters shown as abuse victims rather than as full fleshed characters??????? why shameless why

also why is jimmy/steve back? who cares?

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